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I value just the words of Great Allah Prophet Mohammed(may Great Allah tide us in his paht) Good Muslims truth words of anyone.... "Above Statement is mine and not copied" A.G. Ahmadzay

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar Top CIA/Jewish Agent since 1970

big slave and murderer of US Agents live in Afghanistan hekmatyar_afghan_criminal

Afghanistan big worlords’ in live.

Guarded over 40 years by US sp. forces/agents. If somebody denied that this murderer is not a dog of CIA, then has to answer these Question.

How the USA never try to kill him or arrest him? He was all the time flying to Iran, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

Why USA and Afg. government till today never offered million dollor for this murderer head? Because they was affraid that some body will realy bring his head and they will lose there top dog.

Who support this murderer and other worlords, has to know that he has also his hand of million innocents, which was killed by these Animal Slaves.

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Hekmatyar party received USD600 million in CIA funds channelled through ISI

Assalamo alaykom


here we will present you soon the Lies, Crimes of Politicians/Groups/Medias in Afghanistan. We will list you the name of big Criminals/Agents/Slaves of Jewish/Christians/Indos,… in Afghanistan.

Here you can also participate and write down what you know truths.

Welcome soon