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The dog of Vatikan/Israel(First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum ) has the all years killing hunderdthousands of innocents and raping women/men in publicy on the streets. Now he raped, beaten wrong person(he was ex-gouverner and protected by western).

This man Eshchi is the former Jawzjan governor and was the close person to the Recent First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum(who killed hunderdthousand of innocents since 30 years in Afghanistan. No one could stop this Animal from killing, because he is the top Agent of Vatikan/Israel/Nato in Afghanistan). Now he raped and beaten the wrong man(Eshchi ex governer) who is also probebly agent of Vatikan or Israel. Now we see how the Dogs(Prisedent of Afg. and others) resove this problem.

Crimes of Afghan Government(Slaves of USA/Vatikan/Israel)


Afghans applying for realse of their arrested, raped, killed of  thousands innocent relatives by Afghan Democratic Government.

Western devil leaders must control their dogs(installed governments all over).

The Afghan Governement(dogs of USA/Vatikan/Israel) are making so much crimes, that even the own Politicans of Government says that the Taliban are much better then them.