Russia considers banning sale of cigarettes; How it looks the fight of Jewish(Israel, USA,co.) and Christians(Vatikan, Russian, UK,,,Co) for the resources.

When the Jewish(Israel, USA, ..Co) comes closer(to Afghanistan) with their Secure Jewish Armys(IS, Wahabitts,..)  to the controlled Resources(Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan,….) of Christians(Vatikan, Russian, UK), then they are in worry to do not lose the controll on their stohlen resources and starting to treate and fight eachother by different ways like recently (Russia considers banning sale of cigarettes) or Russian(who  fighting against islam 15 years from 2000-2015 to gether with Nato, USA against Taliban) and now they(Vatikan, Russian) try to coparate with Taliban.

Or when the Christians(Vatikan, Russia,..and Co.) trys to come with their Secure Army(Shias, Kurds, Alawets,..)  closer to the controlled resources countries of Jewish(Saudi Arabia, Irak, Kuwait,….) then the Jewish tryies to reattack the Christians(Vatikan, Russia, ….) by their Secure Army(IS,…) in Syria.

These wars and tricks  are the dirty wars of Jewish(Israel, USA & Co with their groups IS, Wahabitts,…co) and Christians(Vatikan, Russia & Co with their groups Shias, Kurdis,…) for Resources and the Devil use them(Jewish, Christians, Hindus,…) use them for stopping islam.

Wo is clever keeping himself tide to Islam or comes to Islam.

A.G. Ahmadzay



The dog of Vatikan/Israel(First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum ) has the all years killing hunderdthousands of innocents and raping women/men in publicy on the streets. Now he raped, beaten wrong person(he was ex-gouverner and protected by western).

This man Eshchi is the former Jawzjan governor and was the close person to the Recent First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum(who killed hunderdthousand of innocents since 30 years in Afghanistan. No one could stop this Animal from killing, because he is the top Agent of Vatikan/Israel/Nato in Afghanistan). Now he raped and beaten the wrong man(Eshchi ex governer) who is also probebly agent of Vatikan or Israel. Now we see how the Dogs(Prisedent of Afg. and others) resove this problem.

Crimes of Afghan Government(Slaves of USA/Vatikan/Israel)


Afghans applying for realse of their arrested, raped, killed of  thousands innocent relatives by Afghan Democratic Government.

Western devil leaders must control their dogs(installed governments all over).

The Afghan Governement(dogs of USA/Vatikan/Israel) are making so much crimes, that even the own Politicans of Government says that the Taliban are much better then them.


Gulbuddin Hekmatyar Top CIA/Jewish Agent since 1970

big slave and murderer of US Agents live in Afghanistan hekmatyar_afghan_criminal

Afghanistan big worlords’ in live.

Guarded over 40 years by US sp. forces/agents. If somebody denied that this murderer is not a dog of CIA, then has to answer these Question.

How the USA never try to kill him or arrest him? He was all the time flying to Iran, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

Why USA and Afg. government till today never offered million dollor for this murderer head? Because they was affraid that some body will realy bring his head and they will lose there top dog.

Who support this murderer and other worlords, has to know that he has also his hand of million innocents, which was killed by these Animal Slaves.

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Hekmatyar party received USD600 million in CIA funds channelled through ISI

Assalamo alaykom


here we will present you soon the Lies, Crimes of Politicians/Groups/Medias in Afghanistan. We will list you the name of big Criminals/Agents/Slaves of Jewish/Christians/Indos,… in Afghanistan.

Here you can also participate and write down what you know truths.

Welcome soon